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November 14, 2012: Once I Met Mackenna
Monument Valley
Credit & Copyright: Enrico Pighetti from Civitanova Marche
Once I Met Mackenna: "The way I see Monument Valley."

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2012-11-16 05:24:59
Enrico from Italy about 12years ago said:
Mira, Betty, Ali, Inge, Colorado, Laura, Christine, thanks for your always kind and encouraging words. Mackenna, dear Colorado, do not speak :-)
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
An awsome moment of true silence, just looking at the scene. The noisy world is out there somewhere, but here I can be myself and with myself. :)
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
This is a spectacular valley.....Always wonderful work, Enrico! Have a great day ! Hugs.....: )
Colorado from South Carolina, USA about 12years ago said:
Did he tell you where the "GOLD" is? Great Photo
Inge from Canada about 12years ago said:
The grandeur of Monument Valley with its vast sandstone buttes is truly impressive and you captured it in style.
Ali from Tehran about 12years ago said:
Enrico! I like it how the farthest one is standing very clear in the midst of all. Great photo!
Betty from Canada about 12years ago said:
Nature's carving at it's best! Such rugged beauty! Thx for sharing.
Mira from India about 12years ago said:
An other beautiful photo Enrico. It looks like a painting. It must be full of wonder to walk there.
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