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November 23, 2012: Freedom
Budding Plants
Credit & Copyright: LAURA BRUNO from BRASIL
Freedom: "Welcome to Life!"

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2012-11-29 19:53:19
Laura from Brasil about 10years ago said:
Dear Christine, Enrico, Inge, Mira and Ali... Hugs to you! I d like to say that what you see in this photo, are coffee seeds.
Ali from Tehran about 10years ago said:
Laura! I like it how the depth of view plays with the eyes. Thx for sharing it.
Mira from India about 10years ago said:
Nice one Laura. Pepper berries to put some spice into life. :-)
Inge from Canada about 10years ago said:
Laura, you captured the future. Those lovely red berries carry the seeds for tomorrow and more tomorrows after that. Well done.
Enrico from Italy about 10years ago said:
Lo stile inconfondibile della nostra Laura. Natura, colori forti, e quel pizzico di sfocato che riempie il quadro di atmosfera. Sempre bravissima. Un abbraccio
Christine from Australia about 10years ago said:
Hello Laura. How beautiful. The colour is so crisp and red is the colour of life. Hugs to you too.
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