Nature Pic of the Day - 20121126 - Glacier Pond at Stony Pass
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November 26, 2012: Glacier Pond at Stony Pass
Glacier Pond on the Continental Divide
Credit & Copyright: Penny Crull from Pagosa Springs, CO
Glacier Pond at Stony Pass: "Beautiful Colorado day reflected in the clear cold waters of this tiny glacier pond that hovers on the divide, defying division to either ocean."

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2012-11-27 00:46:37
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 12years ago said:
What a tranquil treat! Thanks Penny!
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 12years ago said:
Thank you! I was hiking and looking for wildflowers to photograph and came across this glacier pool. This was taken in the middle of July, this year. I loved the how the sky brought out the ice blue in the water.
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
I loved this photo, Penny...Great! : )
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
Well put Mira. I agree. Our world is thirsty not only for water, but also peace, which this photo beautifully depicts.
Mira from India about 12years ago said:
Great shot Penny. An evocative picture of lifegiving water that we all need so much and value so little.
Enrico from Italy about 12years ago said:
Un momento di vero benessere che tutti noi cerchiamo in questa foto. Molto bella
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