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November 27, 2012: Pretty Lady
Credit & Copyright: Kelly Parker McPherson from Brough, East Yorkshire, UK
Pretty Lady: A solitary ladybug traipses down natural pathways at Humber Bridge Car Park in England.

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2012-11-29 19:47:26
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Wonderful delicate red....Great, Kelly! : )
Inge from Canada about 12years ago said:
A lovely shot. As children we used to let them crawl on our hand and then sang to them until they flew away.
Kelly from Brough, UK about 12years ago said:
Thanks she was indeed a great fine :) x
Enrico from Italy about 12years ago said:
Carinissima. Speriamo anche che ci porti fortuna :-)
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 12years ago said:
Nature always provides little surprises. I'm glad you caught this one!
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
What a beautiful little "good-luck-bug". I can see it brightening the entire car park.
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