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January 9, 2013: Survival
Primrose near  Lemon Reservoir in Colorado
Credit & Copyright: Penny Crull from Pagosa Springs, CO
Survival: "Beautiful Parry's Primrose shine brightly against a fallen giant."

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2013-08-02 03:04:21
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA about 11years ago said:
I love this picture, Penny! So much beauty captured so nicely. Keep up the wonderful work you do, & may God bless.
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
Wonderful tree....I liked the title too....Great eyes that you had, Penny....: )
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 11years ago said:
What a lovely photo!
Kim from Stuart about 11years ago said:
Penny, this is my favorite of all. I am awestruck by the simple beauty of the landscape.
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 11years ago said:
I was on a 8 mile hike and loved the contrasting colors. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!! Mira, I thought it was magic,too. Enjoy as a desk top...
Betty from Canada about 11years ago said:
Fanatastic photo!
Mira from Somewhere about 11years ago said:
This is just magic. Can I have it for my desk top?
Inge from Canada about 11years ago said:
The cycle of life in one eye catching photo. Well done Penny.
Christine from Australia about 11years ago said:
Absolutely beautiful Penny. What else can I say. :)
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