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April 3, 2013: Julia and Her Monarch Friend
Butterflies meet on a flower
Credit & Copyright: Robert P. Kelch, M.D. from South Haven, Michigan
Julia and Her Monarch Friend: "While visiting the Sarrett Nature Center's butterfly show in [southwestern Michigan] last spring, I was captivated by the presence of two different butterflies on a single cone flower. I used my Canon EOS 50D camera."

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2013-04-04 21:59:32
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
john moyers from iowa city about 9years ago said:
How does one know the butterfly's name is Julia?
Joan Plamondon from North Port FL about 9years ago said:
Jim Clifton from Iowa City about 9years ago said:
Wonderful. Luck favors the prepared- right place, right time, right talent. 5 stars!
Mary Westhoffq from Dexter, Mi about 9years ago said:
Definitely a five star. Composition is great and you really got the background perfect. Best in show.
Alice from Ann Arbor about 9years ago said:
What incredible detail! They look like they each found a new friend.
MAXINE HAYES from oLYMPIA , WA. about 9years ago said:
Inge from Canada about 9years ago said:
Beauty times three. Top class.
Linda from Hope Town about 9years ago said:
Denise from Ann Arbor about 9years ago said:
Joette from Michigan about 9years ago said:
Spectacular. Thanks for sharing these rare moments.
Peggy Cavanagh from Ann Arbor, MI about 9years ago said:
Thank you for this spectacular picture, Bob!! It's wonderful that you can share it with others from around the world on this wonderful site.
mara from Somewhere about 9years ago said:
Enrico from Italy about 9years ago said:
Piacevolissimo incontro di colori. Ottima anche la definizione dei dettagli. Molto bella
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 9years ago said:
Now that is exquisite!
Christine from Australia about 9years ago said:
It's more than beautiful. Lucky to have the camera at hand for such a precious moment.
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