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May 11, 2013: Grumpy Bird
Australian Parrot
Credit & Copyright: Christine Becker from British Columbia, Canada
Grumpy Bird: "You want me to pose?
Be quick about it please, I haven’t got all day."

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2013-05-12 12:36:18
Jim from Nebraska about 11years ago said:
'Love the combination of colors and textures. The captured mood is a bonus.
Penny Crull from Pagosa Springs, CO about 11years ago said:
Perfect capture - excellent title!! I wish we had birds with such beautiful color!
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
Wonderful friend that you have, Christine! : )
Inge from Canada about 11years ago said:
The colors are fantastic and the mood is unmistakable. Beautifully captured and interpreted.
Cynthia from U.S.A. about 11years ago said:
His/her personality shines through! : )
Ali from Tehran about 11years ago said:
Its been probably thinking by itself: "ain't those pictures enough, Christine" :) .. beautiful colors & nice take.
Enrico from Italy about 11years ago said:
Mi dicono che l'Australia si caratterizza per la moltitudune di colori vivaci. Questo, cara Christine, rappresenta un esempio lampante. Veramente brava, complimenti
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