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August 25, 2013: 93 Mile Lake
93 Mile Lake
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
93 Mile Lake: High up in the Rockies on the Montana-Idaho border, 93 Mile Lake waits in a secluded bowl. Huckleberry bushes dot the rocky landscape, sustaining eager hikers and wildlife too!

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2013-08-26 18:40:56
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
Wonderful place to be, Npod. : )
Jim from Nebraska about 11years ago said:
Intriguing shot! The reflection in the lake is crystal clear despite the overcast skies. Very nice. Any trout in the lake?
Enrico from Italy about 11years ago said:
Speriamo, Christine, che Narciso non sia gia' caduto nel lago. Altimenti quella che vediamo sarebbe una brocca di lacrime salate :-) Bella immagine di lago solitario, Npod. Molto suggestiva
Inge from Canada about 11years ago said:
What a wonderfully astute comment Christine made. I wholeheartedly agree.
Christine from Australia about 11years ago said:
Beautiful scene. But what is the lake wating for? Narcissus? :)
Ali from Tehran about 11years ago said:
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