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September 5, 2013: Dragonfly in Garden
Credit & Copyright: Mary Westhoff from Dexter, Michigan
Dragonfly in Garden: A colorful garden visitor drops in for some refreshments!

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2013-09-06 19:29:49
Joan from Clio about 11years ago said:
Looks great!
Enrico from Italy about 11years ago said:
Bella questa cattura. Perfetta in tutti i particolari
Heidi Weatherbee from Drummond Island about 11years ago said:
What an absolutely awesome picture, Mary!!!
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
So beautiful! : )
Jim from Nebraska about 11years ago said:
Lovely macro, Mary. Composition and DOF are spot on. Excellent!
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 11years ago said:
Beautiful color and love the face close up!
Bob from South Haven about 11years ago said:
Wonderful detail Congratulations!
Cynthia from U.S.A. about 11years ago said:
Beautiful! These guys are masters of hover flight. Capable on ninety degree turns. Amazing! Amazing nature!
Janet from Flint MI about 11years ago said:
Gorgeous image!
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