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November 14, 2013: Stripes and Spots and...
Autumn in Steamboat Springs, CO
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Stripes and Spots and...: "Autumn befalls a grove of Aspen."

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2013-11-18 19:11:58
Bob from South Haven, Michigan about 9years ago said:
Great colors and depth of field. Congratulations!!
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
Jim, this is a wonderful photo, very artistic ....Spectacular trees...Beautiful! : )
Betty from Canada about 9years ago said:
Stark naked & still beautiful!
Harsha from India about 9years ago said:
Nice Shot.
Christine from Australia about 9years ago said:
Stripes, spots and.....GOLD of course! The season that soothes nature to rest. :)
Matt from MT about 9years ago said:
Nice shot Jim, great light, beautiful grove of Aspens.
Ali from Tehran about 9years ago said:
What a scene! I like it how the colors create the depth of this picture. Well done Jim!
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