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November 25, 2013: Sognando Kamakura
Beautiful fog scene around Monte Prata, Parco dei Sibillini, Marche, Italy.
Credit & Copyright: Enrico Pighetti from Civitanova Marche
Sognando Kamakura: "The fog envelops Monte Prata."

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2013-11-26 13:36:37
Enrico from Italy about 10years ago said:
Christine, Ali, Jim, Vicky, Diana, Laura, e' sempre una gioia per il mio cuore ritrovarvi qui. Un abbraccio a voi tutti e grazie per i vostri sempre gentili commenti
Laura from Brasil about 10years ago said:
Wonderful work, Enrico...Another spectacular photo...Always a surprise for our eyes and hearts...: )
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 10years ago said:
Very mystical!
Vicky from Romania about 10years ago said:
Grazie mille per questa foto stupenda!
Jim from Nebraska about 10years ago said:
So elegant in its simplicity, Enrico. The light just caresses the mist. Beautiful work!
Ali from Tehran about 10years ago said:
I love the smooth curves of the fog. Amazing location, Great take, Enrico!
Christine from Australia about 10years ago said:
Come sempre Enrico, le Sue fotografie sono insolite, belle e catturano l'anima. L'amo.
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