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December 12, 2013: Life
Sunset in Brazil
Credit & Copyright: LAURA BRUNO from BRASIL
Life: "Beautiful days end with colors like these."

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2013-12-15 18:26:54
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
Hello Betty and Ali...Thank you about your comments,,,Hugs ! : )
Ali from Tehran about 9years ago said:
I love the threads in the lower clouds. Nice catch Laura! Thanks a lot.
Betty from Canada about 9years ago said:
So calm, so lovely!
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
Dear friends Rob, Enrico, Jim, Diana, Christine...I loved your comments about this lovely sunset,,,Have a great day! : )
Christine from Australia about 9years ago said:
Ahhhhh! Look to Nature and you will find some pure gold for heart and soul. That picture has a song, and it says: Trust, all is well.
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 9years ago said:
Serene and lovely. Sunsets never get old!
Jim from Nebraska about 9years ago said:
One of the prettiest sunset photos I've seen. Beautifully captured, Laura. Brava!!
Enrico from Italy about 9years ago said:
Una luce magica, un momento divino, commovente. Sempre grande, Laura
rob barrett from minnesota about 9years ago said:
rob barrett from minnesota about 9years ago said:
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