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January 18, 2014: What, No Fruit Today?
Water Dragon in Australia
Credit & Copyright: Christine Becker from British Columbia, Canada
What, No Fruit Today?: "What, no fruit for me today? I know you have potatoes in your shopping bag, but I don’t fancy them.

Frankly, I’m disappointed in you. :)"

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2014-01-19 03:07:36
Ali from Tehran about 10years ago said:
That's lovely and kind. just like other creations of heaven : )
Betty from Canada about 10years ago said:
Love the look on his face! & one little foot held up, so cute! Great photo Christine, hugs for a great day :)
Water Dragon from Qld Australia about 10years ago said:
I would gladly come by your house Inge, if it wasn't for the snow up there. But I am sure the photographer would love the white stuff. :)
Beryl from NSW Australia about 10years ago said:
Nice photo there. It must be trusting you. Mostly they are gone in a flash when you approach. Good contrast in colours too.
Inge from Canada about 10years ago said:
Come by my house , I will give you some fruit.
Christine from Australia about 10years ago said:
This water dragon said to me: guaranteed, you won't get any comments for me, they'll think me too ugly. - Jim, tail included, they grow as long as my arm and are utterly harmless. - Yes Laura, once they know a person, their usual shyness falls away and they expect a little hand-out. :)
Jim from Nebraska about 10years ago said:
Great shot, Christine. The multi-colored scales are remarkable. What kind of lizard is it?
Cynthia from U.S.A. about 10years ago said:
Ha! Ha! What a wonderful picture.
Laura from Brasil about 10years ago said:
Amazing ! The colors of this little and wonderful friend are so beautiful....and with fruits or not, he is looking at You, dear Christine! I really loved this moment... ; )
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