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March 20, 2014: The Gaudy Ones
Late summer flowers in Australia
Credit & Copyright: Christine Becker from British Columbia, Canada
The Gaudy Ones: "Perhaps a bit gaudy and pompous, and not as modest by far as lovely wildflowers, we hope you enjoy looking at us anyway, exotic though we may seem."

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2014-03-20 23:27:17
Christine from Somewhere about 10years ago said:
You make me smile Jim! How perceptive of you.
Caliope S. from Canada about 10years ago said:
Beautiful catch Christine. Would love to see them in person. Do they grow wild?
Christine from Australia about 10years ago said:
The orchids are pleased that some people liked them. It's funny, but not even bees or flies come to visit them. They are simply there for show, and they do provide that. - Happy Solstice and the coming of spring to all. :)
Jim from Nebraska about 10years ago said:
Lovely Photo, Christine! You can almost feel the velvety texture of the petals. I can actually see a face in the central blossom. It seems to be sticking its tongue out as if to say, "I'm prettier than you are". Hmmm, you may be right about "pompous" :-)
Laura from Brasil about 10years ago said:
Dear Christine, these wonderful flowers are smiling at You and your camera! What a beauty that you are showing today. I loved ! Thank you and a have a great day ! Hugs! ; )
Inge from Canada about 10years ago said:
I fully agree with Betty.
Ali from Tehran about 10years ago said:
Oh wow, very sensual. This is a great picture Christine, I love the texture and color. Well done!
Betty from BC about 10years ago said:
Oh my dear Christine, they are far from gaudy! such delicate beauty, another wonder of Nature, her precise creation of every petal & color to be so perfect! Great photo dear friend, hugs. :)
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