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April 17, 2014: Reflections
Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Reflections: "... from the sandstone walls of Lower Antelope Canyon."

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2014-04-21 09:31:31
Ali from Tehran about 10years ago said:
WOW! Stunning.
Nella Milyavsky from Reisterstown about 10years ago said:
Great colors! Very good composition!
Jim from Nebraska about 10years ago said:
Thanks to everyone for commenting! I'm really glad you enjoyed the image.
Harsha from India about 10years ago said:
Beautiful colors Jim. Wonderful shot.
Nancy from Georgia about 10years ago said:
Wow! What an amazing capture, absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing this.
Karl from USA about 10years ago said:
Wow! Blooming rocks is right. I'll have to put it on my bucket list.
Greg from Australia about 10years ago said:
Words escape me!
Calliope from Canada about 10years ago said:
Ahhhhh! Blooming rocks. Now I truly believe that the entire earth blooms, including her people, if we are willing to see the colours. :)
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA USA about 10years ago said:
Oh my! Breathtaking!
Stephanie from Dallas about 10years ago said:
Spectacular! Thank you for letting us know the location. :)
maurice from michigan about 10years ago said:
I've been there also the lighting there is wonderful and the canyon is a surrealist painter's haven. Christine from Australia, its like walking in a cathedral of surrealism. Good shot, Jim.
Jim from Nebraska about 10years ago said:
This is a narrow slot canyon on Navajo land in northern Arizona. The light this time of year produces these images for only a few hours at midday. It was an unforgettable experience and a priceless photographic opportunity. Thanks for your always kind comments.
Laura from Brasil about 10years ago said:
Wondeful colors in your photo , Jim...Amazing!
Betty from BC about 10years ago said:
Wow! it looks like ribbons & statues & ?? just unreal! Perfect timing to capture that!
Rob barett from minneapolis mn about 10years ago said:
Wow, that's amazing.
Christine from Australia about 10years ago said:
This looks like an image from a fantastic dream. Un-earthly and beguiling all senses. What did you feel walking through there? Did you float?
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