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August 11, 2014: Stargazer Lily
Flower in BC
Credit & Copyright: Betty Reese from Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
Stargazer Lily: " Another beautiful creation of Nature! So lovely & perfect in every way!"

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2014-08-12 13:01:30
Enrico from Italy about 6years ago said:
La perfezione della natura magistralmente immortalata. Mi piace molto
Inge from Ontario about 6years ago said:
A feast for the eyes.
Betty from BC about 6years ago said:
My Lilies are happy that they brightened your day, & to Karl - your night! Thank you for all the lovely comments! Hugs :)
Jim from Nebraska about 6years ago said:
Beautiful, Betty! I've found lilies to be difficult to photograph close-up because of the required depth of field, but you've captured these perfectly. Nice work!
Laura from Brasil about 6years ago said:
They are so beautiful! Perfect flowers....Thank you, Dear Betty! : )
Karl from U.S.A. about 6years ago said:
Thanks Betty, that brightens my night.
Christine from Australia about 6years ago said:
OOOps! It's meant to read: your love :)
Christine from Australia about 6years ago said:
Just exquisite Betty Reese. They are reflecting you love for them and for making them shine the way they do. I agree. Nature is perfect in every way. Thank you for a great photo.
Harsha from India about 6years ago said:
Beautiful Photo.
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