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September 23, 2014: Kaleidoscope
Abstract flowers in Nebraska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Kaleidoscope: "A flower garden in blurred rotation."

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2014-09-24 13:12:08
Laura from Brasil about 8years ago said:
Great idea , Jim.... So lovely colors....and I am thinking about the flowers that You photoghaphed ; ) So artist photo!
Jim from Nebraska about 8years ago said:
My objective was to duplicate the vision through the old cylinder with the loose multicolor prisms we used to play with as children (my childhood), so I photographed a patch of brightly colored flowers while rotating the camera at a slow shutter speed. This is an arc shaped crop of the entire image .
Enrico from Italy about 8years ago said:
Bellissimo astratto, Jim. Mi piace per l'idea, per la realizzazione, per i colori. Vero capolavoro, complimenti
Christine from Australia about 8years ago said:
Phantasmagoria? Medley? Or an enthusiastic painter's palette?
Betty from BC about 8years ago said:
Look, even some of our "mistakes" can be so pretty! Mine usually get deleted, but this one is a keeper Jim. Beautiful colors.
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