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August 31, 2015: Invisible
Sunlight illuminating clouds
Credit & Copyright: LAURA BRUNO from BRASIL
Invisible: "Far from the eyes, close to the heart..."

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2015-09-03 14:28:07
Laura from Brasil about 8years ago said:
Rob, I am using my old and lovely camera : )
Laura from Brasil about 8years ago said:
Hello Christine, David, Jim, Rob, Doug : ) Thank you for your kind words....Have a great life, Dear Friends...
Doug from Dallas about 8years ago said:
A sublime shot. Thank you.
rob barrett jr from minneapolis about 8years ago said:
I agree with Jim, Laura. Is this with your new camera?
Jim from Nebraska about 8years ago said:
'One of my favorites of your marvelous silhouettes, Laura. 'Really well done!
David from UK about 8years ago said:
Think that I too have eyes like Christine, as I can see the well hidden !
Christine from Somewhere about 8years ago said:
Beautiful dear Laura. When you have the right eyes, you will be able to see the invisible. :)
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