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April 16, 2016: Floral Stars
Orchid in St. Louis Missouri
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Floral Stars: "A Phalaenopsis Orchid..."

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2016-04-20 12:27:55
Laura from BRasil about 8years ago said:
: ) Beautiful, delicate, sensitive, lovely.....like always !
rob Barrett from minneapolis about 8years ago said:
Jim, thanks for your help. Really interesting stuff.
Kathy from Kansas City about 8years ago said:
Jim from Nebraska about 8years ago said:
Rob, I've submitted another orchid image which may appear here in a few days in which I exposed for both the orchid and the background since the background (IMO) added to interest of the image. Such was not the case in this image.
Jill from Omaha about 8years ago said:
Lovely! Great colors and I love the black background too
Jim from Nebraska about 8years ago said:
Rob, it's primarily a dynamic range issue. When the brightness of the principal subject matter (in the foreground) is much greater than the background and you've exposed with spot metering for the foreground, the background will appear darker than our eyes see it. Our eyes don't see that contrast because they're constantly refocussing and our brains reassessing the image. You can sometimes further darken the background in post processing by reducing the shadow resolving slider.
rob barrett from minneapolis about 8years ago said:
Jim, how do you get the background black?
Renee from Nazareth about 8years ago said:
So lovely!
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