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September 29, 2016: Root Wad
Cedar near Forks, WA
Credit & Copyright: Shaina Logan from Washington
Root Wad: A large root wad supports a giant Cedar tree near Forks, Washington. That's a lot of root exposed, do you think that much ground cover has eroded over the life of this Cedar?

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2016-09-30 00:48:48
Ken from Ohio about 8years ago said:
Whoa, way to bury the lead Shaina!
Shaina from Washington about 8years ago said:
Thanks everyone the cedar tree is one of the largest in the northwest but it was kind of a let down because the tree is dead.
Eleanor from IN about 8years ago said:
I wonder of the tree might have been partially uprooted at one time and refused to die?
Poppyseed from Ontario about 8years ago said:
It looks like there are two trees, an old one and a much younger one. Could the tree have been on a hill at one time? It is a beautiful and interesting picture Shaina.
Renee from Nazareth about 8years ago said:
Wow! Very interesting!
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