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June 5, 2017: Erosion
Beautiful desertscape
Credit & Copyright: Rob Barrett, Jr. from Eden Prairie, MN
Erosion: "Just what a little water can do..."

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2017-06-05 22:18:50
rob barrett from minneapolis about 6years ago said:
Thanks guys. We arrived at the canyon after a 4 hour drive and got there 10 minutes before the park closed. The sun was setting and it was breathtaking. We stood at the observation point and sang the doxology as a family. I hope to go back some day and have a little more time.
Jim from Nebraska about 6years ago said:
Love the horizontal light, Rob. Sunrise or sunset?
Peter Stokes from Melbourne about 6years ago said:
A lot of water actually, but in a very short time. Nice shot, like the contrast between light and shade
Christine from B.C. about 6years ago said:
Love the joyous play of light and shade. It seems to mirror the moods of people :)
Poppyseed from Ontario about 6years ago said:
A majestic view Robert. Would love to visit there. Where did you take the picture from?
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