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June 23, 2017: Willow Ptarmigan
Willow Ptarmigan near Denali, Alaska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Willow Ptarmigan: "...Half way between winter and summer plumage."

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2017-06-24 08:00:32
Laura from Brasil about 7years ago said:
Lovely and beautiful bird....Another great moment ! Great photo Jim!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 7years ago said:
Jim, I love the red eye brow. looks like make up.
Christine from Somewhere about 7years ago said:
Am I not a most desirable groom :) (or is it a female? I do get a north American bird education from you, Jim.)
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thank you, EF! I mostly use a Nikon D810 with a 200-500 mm f5.6 Nikkor lens.
EF Grant from IN about 7years ago said:
Jim, you must have some pretty great photographic equipment to be able to catch these amazing avian shots! Can I ask what you use?
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