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August 5, 2017: Rainier
Rainier Cherries growing in Washington State
Credit & Copyright: Rachel from NPOD
Rainier: Prepare for controversy!

These are Rainier cherries growing in the state of Washington. Not only were they very delicious, but they served as a reminder that it the time has come to unveil the NPOD Fruit Pie Power Rankings. It's a hotly contested topic and sure to bring great debate and discourse:
  1. Blueberry or Huckleberry Pie: Topping the list, is the delicious blueberry or huckleberry pie. Both are incredible and deserve to share the top spot.
  2. Cherry Pie: A close second, and occasionally beating out #1, but for now the delectable cherry pie is #2 on the list. Fresh out of the oven, or cold from the refrigerator, a slice of cherry pie is going to put a smile on anyone's face.
  3. Apple Pie: A distant third on the list, the famous apple pie is a solid contender; however it falls into a support role: always good, but never great. There are better choices, but no one will be disappointed if you show up with a warm apple pie.
  4. Washington Nut Pie: Try this one instead of the ill-fated pecan pie this Thanksgiving, you won't be disappointed. There are plenty of recipes out there, and you can't go wrong with any of them.
  5. Pumpkin Pie: Another perennial favorite, the pumpkin pie is a bit overrated. The festive Thanksgiving or Christmas atmosphere and vanilla ice cream that it is served with it make the pumpkin pie more enjoyable than it otherwise would be. There's nothing wrong with it, mind you, but many would place it too high on the list.
  6. Peach Pie: Another pie that benefits from a scoop of vanilla ice cream, there are certain times when a slice of peach pie will take you a long way, however it has trouble standing up to the competition throughout the year.
  7. Pecan Pie: There's nothing wrong with the pecan pie, there are just a whole lot of better choices out there. Why go with a pecan pie when pretty much any other option on this list would be better? If you are still leaning towards the Pecan Pie, take another look at the Washington Nut Pie, anything the Pecan Pie can do, the Washington Nut will do better.
  8. Strawberry Rhubarb: The only pie on this list where a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream is required to go with it, the strawberry rhubarb pie is too acidic and too tart to stand on its own.

And there you have it! Bookmark this page for future reference, and check back often for more hot pie talk!

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