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December 19, 2017: Serenity
Handsome bird on a thorned lily pad in Brazil.  Is the bird small, or is that a giant lily pad?
Credit & Copyright: LAURA BRUNO from BRASIL
Serenity: "Good Changes Are Coming :)"

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2017-12-20 07:50:40
Laura from Brasil about 6years ago said:
Thank you Renee, Rob, Christine, Jim and Sweetpea : ) This beautiful and happy bird deserves your kind comments....Rob, don t worry : ) This is a wonderful plant called Vitoria Regia . And I loved Christine s idea! Hugs, dear friends!
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 6years ago said:
If it were not for Jim, that lovely reflection would have escaped me. I wish more people would comment on this site, because the photos are all taken with great care and presented with joy.
jim from Nebraska about 6years ago said:
I like the perspective and the reflection, Laura!
Christtine from Somewhere about 6years ago said:
This little bird loves his water lily boat. Good sailing my friend.
rob barrett from minneapolis about 6years ago said:
Laura, What IS THAT?Looks like a giant venus fly trap about to eat that bird.
Renee from PA about 6years ago said:
Great Shot!
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