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January 4, 2018: A Small Rainbow
Rainbow at Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
A Small Rainbow: The mist from a crashing waterfall, just out of the shot, creates a miniature rainbow that appears to end in a nice little pool in Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

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2018-01-04 20:05:03
Sweatpea from Sacramento about 6years ago said:
Add the W please. :)
Sweatpea from Sacramento about 6years ago said:
How beautiful and untouched our world still is in so many places. Thank you NPOD to allow us to visit, albeit via cyber space. :)
Laura from Brasil about 6years ago said:
Betsy from Barboursville VA about 6years ago said:
It must have been a thrilling moment. Beautiful shot!
Renee from Nazareth, PA about 6years ago said:
Oooooooo! So lovely!!
Christine from Somewhere about 6years ago said:
A small rainbow makes a big impression. Stunning scenery with the soft colours of the rainbow in almost palpable contrast to the sharp edged rock, all underlines with the warm green of the trees.
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