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January 7, 2018: Watching You...
Bird in Nebraska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Watching You...: "...watching him."

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2018-01-07 15:05:26
Christine from Somewhere about 5years ago said:
If it's a sapsucker...they might be enamoured with trees, but it's the possessive kind of love, isn't it???
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 5years ago said:
I agree with Laura. Moments like this, sprinkled into our daily life are special and we are grateful for them.
Christine from BC about 5years ago said:
How demure he looks with his little pert hat. A sapsucker perhaps? Then your caption is spot on, Jim. Another beauty for the "Jim Website". I haven't found it yet. :)
Jim from Nebraska about 5years ago said:
Thank you , Laura. He is a male...female Red-bellied Woodpeckers have only a red blush on the back of their heads and necks.
Laura from Brasil about 5years ago said:
Amazing...Watching this delicate Life is a special moment . Wonderful photo, Jim : ) She ( or He ) is so beautiful!
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