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September 4, 2019: Dangar Falls
Dangar Falls, Coramba Rd, Dorrigo, NSW, Australia
Credit & Copyright: Peter Stokes from Melbourne, Australia
Dangar Falls: "Some rain produced a reasonable fall of water. When it is really wet, the three falls can become one wall of water."

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2019-09-06 01:16:23
Ken from Ohio about 4years ago said:
Wow. Luckily there was rain so you could get this great shot!
Peter Stokes from Melbourne about 4years ago said:
Thank you for the nice comments. Sadly, there is often a shortage of water in parts of Australia, when I took that photo there had been some good rain but as we travelled further inland the waterfalls were dry or nearly dry. It can be disappointing to walk some distance to get to a waterfall and find there is nothing much to see. The top of this waterfall is close to the car park and one can see if there is water there before you venture down to the bottom where this photo was taken.
Ken from Ohio about 4years ago said:
Wow, beautiful! How often is there water?
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 4years ago said:
How lovely to see a waterfall in Australia. Barron Falls in Qld. can be quite impressive...when there is water. :)
Jenny Stokes from Melbourne about 4years ago said:
Lovely photo of a beautiful waterfall!
Renee from PA about 4years ago said:
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