Nature Pic of the Day - 20190920 - A Rare White Squirrel
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September 20, 2019: A Rare White Squirrel
White Squirrel in Montana
Credit & Copyright: Rusty Sharp from Montana
A Rare White Squirrel: It's a mystery! A rare white squirrel makes an appearance in Montana - west of the Continental Divide. Apparently, there is a gene that Eastern Gray Squirrels have that makes them white. But is this an Eastern Gray squirrel in western Montana?!?

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2019-09-21 17:48:32
Peter Stokes from Melbourne about 4years ago said:
I guess you're right,Ken. Perhaps we should ask Rusty if he removed the red eye.
Ken from Ohio about 4years ago said:
Don't albino animals have red eyes?
Peter Strokes from Melbourne about 4years ago said:
Very cute, great capture. Most species have instances of producing an albino offspring.Its a genetic mutation.
Renee from PA about 4years ago said:
Wow, what a capture!
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