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December 5, 2019: Beach Combers
Cattle and the Coast in Northern California
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
Beach Combers: A good way to save on fencing is to use the fence that occurs naturally. In this case in Northern California, the rancher only had to fence half of the pasture. Unless, of course, these cows are... Sea Cows.

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2019-12-05 19:07:06
Poppyseed from Ontario about 4years ago said:
Never seen before but I like it. So peaceful looking.
Nate from NPOD HQ about 4years ago said:
Haha! Yes, it was pretty cool to see the cows with the waves in the background.
Renee from PA about 4years ago said:
I can honestly say I have never seen this before!!
Howie from New England about 4years ago said:
Reminds me of a time I spent in the Dominican Republic. It was an interesting sight to see cows at the beach.
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