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Recent Comments
Renee from PA about 13 hours ago said:
Wow!! Great capture!
Ken from Ohio about 20 hours ago said:
Maybe the pot of gold is at the bottom of the lake?
Renee from PA about 2 days ago said:
That%u2019s the BEGINNING of the rainbow! (Or the end!) Neat!
Liane from Montana about 3 days ago said:
Great photo, Leo! Were there any ducks out?
Liane from Montana about 3 days ago said:
Beautiful bearded iris. Love the colors, the rosy yellow is a great accent, Thanks for the photo.
Laura from Brasil about 4 days ago said:
Nature Is A Gift...: ) Thank you, Renee . Thank you so much, Sweetpea. Hugs!
sweetpea from Somewhere about 5 days ago said:
What an amazing world we live in.
Someone from Somewhere about 6 days ago said:
Would love to paint that!
Renee from PA about 9 days ago said:
Love, love, love! Great shot!
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 9 days ago said:
How very beautiful dear Laura. You are an artist.
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