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Sweetpea from Sacramento about 24 hours ago said:
They look very much like those rare, amazing "roll clouds" in northern Australia
Betsy from VA about 1 day ago said:
There seems to be no end to the varieties of clouds. Wonderful photo.
rob barrett from minneapolis about 2 days ago said:
I love these.
Christine from Somewhere about 2 days ago said:
Whitecaps in the sky. :) Lovely photo Laura.
Christine from Somewhere about 4 days ago said:
All in all, an evocative photo. It fascinates me, but I had missed the brick. There is so much to see in those roots. Perhaps in my long ago past I was a Hobbit? :)
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 4 days ago said:
They are amazing aren't they. I like that the roots still hold a tripod brick from some long ago road. Also can you see the Hobbit House on the left side from a couple days ago?
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 5 days ago said:
Looks like the hair of the mythical Medusa. Amazing how trees hold on to the earth. It's a photo that makes one think and marvel and wonder... A tree's arteries.
Christine from Somewhere about 5 days ago said:
Have been trying to find the right words Liane, but drawn a blank. So, I would just love to sit there, and sit and sit and take it all in.
Vivi from São Paulo- Brazil about 6 days ago said:
Eu adoro suas fotos!São todas pura emoção.
Matt from work about 7 days ago said:
That could be central/northern Minnesota
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