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Poppyseed from Ontario about 3 hours ago said:
Great shot Peter. Wonderful colours. What happened to the pier?
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 7 hours ago said:
Holy man or scoundrel, the sun shines on all. And a good thing too. :)
Christine from Somewhere about 8 hours ago said:
Nature serving man. Willingly? It could also be called: tree graveyard.
Betsy from VA about 12 hours ago said:
What a completely unique image! Love the contrast of the golds and blues. A
rob barrett from minneapolis about 18 hours ago said:
Peter, I love that shot. What a great capture. The water is so opaque. Just wonderful
Jim from Nebraska about 1 day ago said:
'Love the simplicity, Laura!
Renee from PA about 2 days ago said:
Wow! What a creative shot!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 2 days ago said:
Tell me about it. :-(
rob barrett from minneapolis about 3 days ago said:
There's something so pastoral about Red Winged Black birds on reeds. Thanks, Jim.
Betsy from VA about 3 days ago said:
One of my all time favorite birds! You caught the display of wing colors very well!
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