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Recent Comments
Ann from Idaho about 5 days ago said:
Rob Barrett, Jr. You are Welcome! Lucky to live near and play in this beautiful part of the country.
Rob BArrett, JR from Mineapolis about 5 days ago said:
Love this. Thank you Ann.
Ann from Idaho about 7 days ago said:
Hi, Leo. Those rocks aren't quite as pretty as Montana rocks :)
Liane from Montana about 8 days ago said:
Thank you Ann, it was a lovely day in the mountains!
Ann from Idaho about 9 days ago said:
HowieGe, thank you for the encouragement!
Ann from Idaho about 9 days ago said:
Lovely, picture, Liane. I like all the subtle colors
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 12 days ago said:
Leo, the circle life, the circle of life.
HowieGe from New England about 13 days ago said:
Ann, That's National Geographic quality! Very nice.
Ann from Idaho about 17 days ago said:
is that my garden ??
rob barrett from minneapolis about 24 days ago said:
Wow, beautiful shot
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