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June 13, 2021: "Ring of Fire" Annular Solar Eclipse
Ring of Fire Eclipse!
Credit & Copyright: Derek Steen from Nazareth, Pennsylvania
"Ring of Fire" Annular Solar Eclipse: "I contemplated viewing the eclipse from a few places in the Lehigh Valley. Due to the angle of the sunrise, I thought a vantage point from Lehigh University would allow the sun to rise behind the SteelStacks in Bethlehem. However, I couldn't prove that perspective would be possible, so I stuck with the tried and true Nazareth Borough Park — which has an unobstructed view of the entire eastern horizon. The eclipse was already in effect as the sun rose. What a treat! It went behind the clouds and, once it emerged again (12º), the eclipse was over."

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2021-06-13 10:49:31
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 5 hours ago said:
What an amazing world we LIVE in of course :)
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 5 hours ago said:
Thank you Derek for this most spectacular photo. What an amazing world we lie in....if we care to look.
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 13 hours ago said:
Supe super, super cool
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