Nature Pic of the Day - 20090223 - Sunset over Springville
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February 23, 2009: Sunset over Springville
Solar panels, solar power.  Harvest the power of the sun!
Credit & Copyright: Sarah B. Eriksen from Berkely
Sunset over Springville: This beautiful shot captures the last rays of the days sun as it slips over the horizon, illuminating the underbelly of the clouds and outlining a few solitary stalks of grass.

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2009-03-05 11:07:33
Cian from The Emerald Isle about 13years ago said:
That's right, ZAFAR. Let's get it on!
ZAFAR IQBAL from QUETTA, PAKISTAN about 13years ago said:
If we develop Solar Enrgy Plant feasible enough, we can easily get rid of lethal pollution enveloping the Earth due to using of Fossile Fuel.
Someone from Maldives about 13years ago said:
This just Orange, wait till u see the multi colours on a maldivian sky at sunset, realm would be an understatement
Lilia from Ukraine about 13years ago said:
so warm colours... very good)
Amit Mamgain from Unidntified about 13years ago said:
Sunshine...morn or evenining it takes my heart to a new realm...and i know every sensual man feels that...
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