Nature Pic of the Day - 20090311 - Sunset - Countryside of Munich
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March 11, 2009: Sunset - Countryside of Munich
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Credit & Copyright: Hans Pondorfer from Austria
Sunset - Countryside of Munich: The setting sun casts a golden hue over the Bavarian countryside, illuminating the underbelly of clouds hanging on the horizon.

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2024-06-14 09:37:02
Pacan from Pwtkar about 8 days ago said:
Scott from Las Vegas about 11years ago said:
Breathtaking! I love the colors.
Hans Pondorfer from Austria about 15years ago said:
Thank you Mari, I appreciate your comment. We also enjoyed the beautiful sunsets in Arizona for a few weeks.
Mari from Tucson AZ about 15years ago said:
Wonderful picture! Your sunsets are almost as vibrant as ours.
Yorkie from UK about 15years ago said:
A superb shot.
Pam from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
This is SUCH a gorgeous sunset! The colors are so vibrant. Great composition!!
Jocko from work about 15years ago said:
Nice to see people all over the world appreciate the beauty of a sunrise/set
Someone from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
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