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June 23, 2009: The Last Dragonfly
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Credit & Copyright: Shannon L. Fisher from Austin, Texas
The Last Dragonfly: Dragonfly's start as nymphs, and can live in this larval stage for up to 5 years. By the time you see a Dragonfly in the air, it is nearing the end of its life. Once a Dragonfly metamoprhs into a flying adult, it will live only 5 or 6 more months.

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2010-12-06 17:31:52
Daphney from Michigan about 12years ago said:
I love the picture ! The beautiful color of blue and dragonfly's are my favorite ..
Tasha from Texas about 13years ago said:
Breathtaking! Vibrant and eye opening!
Yvonne from Mne about 13years ago said:
You just got the moment, the beauty, fragility , sadness and vibrancy of life all in one. Why does true beauty makes one sad?
bizzyb0t from http://vaporstuff.com about 13years ago said:
Fantastic picture Shannon! I love everything about it but the colors are especially fabulous!
Mel from Texas about 13years ago said:
Just fantastic, love teh colors
Jen from New Orleans about 13years ago said:
Perfect shot..way to bring us into the dragonfly's world :)
Becky from Calgary about 13years ago said:
Gorgeous picture. I love the colours.
Nolo from 30,000 feet in the air about 13years ago said:
This is an absolutely beautiful picture and is highly indicative of her talents. I expect to see more of her photos on here.
Kristy from Mooresville, NC about 13years ago said:
I love the vivid blue against the green background. Awesome shot.
Matt from Maplewood, MN about 13years ago said:
Amazing. Beautiful picture. Love how you can even see the details in the wings.
christeena from indore about 13years ago said:
Theresa from Springfield, VA about 13years ago said:
The color and clarity is just fantastic!
Robin from robinm1chelle@yahoo.com about 13years ago said:
I've been a fan for a long time always will be.
uthappa from bangalore about 13years ago said:
joshua from joshuapatindol@yahoo.com about 13years ago said:
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