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November 13, 2013: Colours at Day's End
Gorgeous sunset over the Australian Outback
Credit & Copyright: Judith M Brown from Sisters Beach, NW Tasmania
Colours at Day's End: "Colours of Central Australia..."

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2013-12-04 17:33:51
Judith from Tasmania about 9years ago said:
Thank you for your comments. I spent a long time photographing this sunset and have about 30 photos which are all different. It was magnificent!
Betty from Canada about 9years ago said:
Wonderful shot Judith! just a perfect combo of colors.
Judy from Tasmania about 9years ago said:
Thank you for your comments. The cloud formations and colours were amazing. I took far too many photos as it seemed to change every few minutes!
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
Wonderful sky Judith! Spectacular Nature's show. So beautiful. : )
Christopher from Michigan about 9years ago said:
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 9years ago said:
Absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing
manish from siddharth nagar ,india about 9years ago said:
its nice color combination from god
Ali from Tehran about 9years ago said:
I agree with Christine, that's an Eye Candy, well done Judith.
Christine from Qld about 9years ago said:
Beautiful sky Judit. And the gum trees make a lovely contrast in silhouette.
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