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April 20, 2015: Flight
Mallard in flight
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Flight: "..Wings ablur, my spirit soars, The earth, no more than a dream..." B Nefskr

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2015-04-21 00:29:04
Laura from Brasil about 6years ago said:
A vision with many interpretations ... i loved this photo .....
Laura from Brasil about 6years ago said:
This is a masterpiece Jim.... Really, Wonderful : )
Jim from Nebraska about 6years ago said:
Thank you, Christine, Doug, and Someone. I knew this image would receive a mixed reaction. I'm glad the three of you liked it.
Someone from Somewhere about 6years ago said:
Where have all the people gone???? to say that this is exquisite photography and most fitting caption....
Doug from Dallas,TX about 6years ago said:
The photo and the caption are equally inspiring. Whether the duck is ascending, descending, or flying level the picture does not reveal, nor does it matter. The blur and dream of the path and traveler and background is beautifully conveyed. Thank you Jim.
Christine from B.C. Canada about 6years ago said:
Uplifting in the truest sense of the word, Jim. All is well, has always been well, will always be well...:) when we stop worrying our emotions as a dog worries a bone. :)
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