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If you would like to submit your picture for consideration as an NPOD, copy the below text into an email, along with the highest resolution version of your picture, and send it to the email address below.

If your picture is chosen for use on NPOD, we will let you know the date that it will be used, and include your name and website in the credits.

Note: some NPOD pictures may be used in other forms of media such as CDRom compilations of NPOD pictures. If you would like your photo to be considered for an NPOD, but do not want it included in other compilations, please let us know.

NPOD Requirements:
Please submit the highest quality version of your picture that you have available.
Submissions will be selected based on quality, color, and picture content. NPODs must be pictures of nature. The primary subject of the picture must not be human-made or artificial.

Copy into email:
By submitting this picture to Nature Pic of the Day, I verify that this picture and copyrights to it are my own and grant Nature Pic of the Day the right to use this picture for Nature Pic of the Day related purposes.

Photographer's Name to Display:
Photographer's Location to Display:
Photographer's Website to Display (optional):

Name of Picture:
Location Picture was taken:
Caption (optional):

I would like my picture to be used only on the Nature Pic of the Day website, and not for other compilations.

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