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April 15, 2009: Scandalous Cry
The flowers of Brazil!  Explore South America.
Credit & Copyright: Irineu Felippe de Abreu Filho from Campinas, S. Paulo, Brazil
Scandalous Cry: Indeed, the spots on the inside of this flower petals could be mistaken for taste buds. If a flower screams in the forest, and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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2009-04-17 11:18:59
Irineu from Campinas-Brazil about 14years ago said:
Hi Cian. You can not hear the sound, but just feel it.
Pam from Somewhere about 14years ago said:
great macro. lovely colors!
Cian from The Deep about 14years ago said:
Wow, very interesting, maybe a little scary? How do you know it makes a sound if you can't hear it?
LSound from Chicago about 14years ago said:
Love it! Great shot!
liane from montana about 14years ago said:
Beautiful colors - and yes, it does make a sound even if no one is around to hear.
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